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Victoria’s Vineyard was started as a labor of love by Dr. Steve Eckstat and his Spanish born wife Victoria. Having lived on an 80 acre farm just 9 miles from downtown Des Moines, Dr. Eckstat has been able to juggle a busy family practice of medicine with a love of the Iowa countryside. Our 80 acre farm has become a diversified agricultural endeavor. Like most traditional Iowa farmers we grow row crops, alternating corn and soybeans. In 1993 we took 30 acres of crop land out of production to plant over 20,000 trees which has now become a beautiful hardwood forest. We call these our children’s trees and we all play a role in managing the forest. We boast of the cleanest air in Des Moines. In 2004 we planted 1000 grapevines and now produce both white and red grapes for production of native Iowa wines.
We built a modern two story house on the back 40 of our farm in 2001 where Steve’s brother was living until he moved away in January of 2008. With our children Matthew and Sarah away at college Victoria decided to turn this beautiful home into a bed and breakfast. We all love Iowa and the tranquil beauty of our farm and have decided to share it with others.

Steve, Victoria, Matthew and Sarah Eckstat