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With our prime location on the north-east outskirts of Des Moines, you can enjoy local attractions like Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, take the short drive into town, or head out into the country to visit some of our friends' wineries.
A great website that can tell you about everything going on in the Des Moines area.
A listing of all the B&B's across Iowa with links to their websites.
Located less than 5 minutes away, this Casino features slots, table games, and horse races.
Right across the street from Prairie Meadows, this theme park has roller coasters, water rides, and everything you'd expect at a more expensive theme park chain.
A complimentary basket of homemade chips to start out your meal is one of the best things about this restaurant, located just a ten minute drive away.
Excellent seafood just a ten minute drive into Ankeny, located just behind Chips restaurant.
Just a 15 minute drive from the B&B, this restaurant serves some of the best Italian food in town.
In addition to excellent deep dish Chicago style pizza, they have a huge selection of beers both on tap and in bottles from around the world.
Provides an elegant atmosphere with the hands down best seafood in Des Moines.
Good food, great beer, located in the heart of downtown. A perfect place to start off a night of fun in the city.
The biggest winery in Iowa, make sure to check out their Sunday parties which always have a great live band.
If you can't make it to the winery make sure to pick up a few bottles of their award winning wine at the local grocery store.
Quirky shops, outdoor music, and a farmers market can all be found here.
Held on Saturday mornings with a variety of vendors from all across the state of Iowa.
Who says Iowa doesn't get good theater? Enjoy a show downtown in our beautiful civic center.
A real slice of Americana, we always make sure to get a corn dog, lemonade, pork on a stick, and a turkey leg in before the fair is gone.
For a few weekends each year you can head to the humongous Waterworks Park and enjoy our lively renaissance fair.